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Take us with you on your next go-see. Bring us with you to the next big meeting. Have us represent you when you’re on the road. The social network keeps you connected to your colleagues, agencies, and brands, so you are sure to never miss a beat. The site keeps you grounded to your schedule, contacts, and jobs, so you are never late for a gig again. More than an agency, more than a job, Persofolio is your personal career assistant. Share your casting snapshots with friends, competition, or the next big talent agent. Get everything you need access to, void of the hype and distraction that comes with other social or career platforms. Finally, a network made for you, because modeling is hectic enough without all the extra noise.

You need Talent

Find your next break-out model - fast. Re-book that job - quickly. Expose your client - now. There is a new way to search talent, retain talent, and grow talent, and it lies with Persofolio. Centralize your workflow and reduce your overhead costs by having immediate access to top talent profiles. With us, you’ll have an efficient way to manage your clients and talent alike with executive access to casting snapshots, profiles, data reporting and analytics.

Our team here is comprised of extremely talented individuals whose utmost desire is to bring a user-friendly, efficient, and sexy experience to your business. Streamline your talent and concentrate on expanding your portfolio.

The Persofolio Team

  • Dino Fulgencio

    Board Member
  • Tamika Howell

  • Hamilton Daza

  • Rob Connors

  • Jason Fajardo

  • James Veluya

    Creative Director
  • G. Leo Fulgencio

    Lead Developer